Why do I “see you tomorrow” after eating enoki mushrooms?

Does having difficulty digesting food equate to eating white? Nutritionists reveal the truth

Enoki mushroom

Golden needle mushrooms (enoki mushrooms) are rich in nutrients and have many benefits for the body, but because you can often see them the next day after eating them, they are called “See You Tomorrow” and “See You Tomorrow” in English. This does not make you feel sick after eating them completely, is it not good to eat it?

In this regard, nutritionists pointed out the nutrition and benefits of enoki mushrooms. When you see enoki mushrooms again, it is actually due to its nutrition, and the nutrients can also be properly utilized.

Enoki mushrooms help with weight loss, and blood sugar control, and have many benefits! Did you eat “See you tomorrow”? Nutritionist points out the key

Fat metabolism, stable mood:

Nicotinic acid, commonly known as vitamin B3, aids in fat metabolism, which is why mushrooms are often combined with meat and high-fat foods to help metabolize fat. It also stabilizes the nerves, and helps to cope with depression, irritability, etc. It is also suitable for families with physical illness or emotional instability.

Neurodevelopment and blood vessel maintenance:

The most widely known benefits of folic acid are in neurodevelopment, and most studies believe that neonatal nerve damage is caused by insufficient supplementation during pregnancy, making it a particularly important nutrient for pregnant women. Folic acid also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Eliminate edema, vascular health:

Potassium has beneficial effects on the body for hydration, diuresis, and edema. It helps the body balance sodium and potassium and maintain blood vessel health. It is also recommended for people who have a salty, heavy taste, and high sodium intake.

Gut health, weight loss and sugar control:

Dietary fiber is very important for the body. In addition to increasing satiety, it also helps to promote intestinal health, help with defecation, weight loss, control blood sugar, etc. Mushrooms are generally very rich in dietary fiber.

Have you eaten “See you tomorrow”?

Golden needle mushrooms (enoki mushrooms) are more likely to be seen after eating them after eating them.

They come from a nutrient called “several butyric polysaccharides”, a dietary fiber that is difficult for the body to digest and absorb, but it can also be a food for enterobacteria, helping intestinal motility, and more probiotics also help prevent constipation and intestines Illness.

While some of the above-mentioned nutrients are still absorbed by the body, the people see only the “empty shell” of the goldenrod mushroom.

Flammulina enoki mushrooms are rich in nutrients and are helpful for health. Pay attention to details and changes in ingredients to make a difference!

Serve with Golden Needle Mushrooms when eating meat:

Nutritionists suggested that in addition to the above-mentioned eating of meat with enoki mushrooms to help with fat metabolism, you can also pay attention to some small details and use ingredients to make changes, which will make eating safer, more nutritious, and more flavorful.

Cut the roots before cooking:

Golden needle mushrooms are more chewy, difficult to bite and have a large stem and handle than other vegetables.

It is recommended to cut the root before cooking so that it can be avoided once ingested and swallowed. It is also a reminder that especially the elderly and children need to pay special attention to chewing slowly.

Simple nutritional soup to make:

In addition, you can also cut the golden needle mushrooms into pieces after cooking, add pieces of ingredients such as other cooked vegetables, add a little water put them in an ice cube box and freeze them into soup. To adding a sweet taste, they also add a sweet taste to the soup. In this way, care must be taken to cook the ingredients before freezing them.

Hyper nutrition combined with egg:

Golden needle mushrooms can be simply cut into pieces and beaten together into fried eggs, which are a dish with great nutritional value, either for breakfast or for other meals.

Flammulina enoki mushrooms are high in fiber and potassium, so some groups are advised to use caution or avoid them.

Recommended groups to avoid:

Although enoki mushrooms have high nutritional value, there are still some groups that are not suitable for consumption. Nutritionists said that enoki mushrooms are high-potassium and high-fiber foods, so it is not recommended for kidney patients with limited potassium and patients with poor gastrointestinal conditions or those who have just had surgery to avoid excessive potassium or aggravating the burden on the gastrointestinal tract.

Not suitable for immune system diseases?

There is also a lot of information on the Internet that people with immune system diseases such as lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis should not eat enoki mushrooms.

In this regard, nutritionists said that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, some traditional Chinese medicine practitioners may not think this point of view is appropriate. Suitable; but from a nutritional point of view, these diseases are related to the immune system and have nothing to do with ingredients or food. They are not irritating and should have no impact.

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