What to do if you are stung by a hornet or bee?

Waving away only increases the chance of being stung! 2 big strokes expert teach you out of danger

What to do if you are stung by a hornet?

In the late autumn season, bees and hornets are busy preparing food for the winter, when many people are stung by the news. And what should we do when we meet a hornet?

A handful of patrol bees hovering: stop talking and action

When you hear the “buzzing” sound of rapidly flapping wings, you should be alert that a bee may be approaching!
At this time, you can slow down the pace and reduce the volume, and observe the movement of the bee, if you find a bee flying around, it is best to stop all actions, avoid waving away, avoid disturbing airflow is considered to attack signal.
When the patrol bee leaves themselves, and then quickly leaves the scene can be.

The swarm has attacked: run away and find shelter.

If it has begun to be attacked by bees, we must follow the original road away from the scene, and at the same time with clothing to protect the head and body. In the process of escape, pay attention to the terrain and road conditions, to avoid falling and falling and causing secondary accidents.

What to do if you are unfortunately stung by a bee: Seek medical attention immediately

There are 4,000 types of bees commonly found in the USA. Among them, bees and wasps (hornets) are the most common sting. The biggest difference between bees and wasps is that after a bee sting will leave the sting and poison sac in the human body, and continue to release venom; the Vespa sting does not discharge needles, and can repeatedly sting and inject venom.

Since the bee sting leaves pheromones, which become the target of bee colony attacks, you can easily rinse the affected area with water after being stung to avoid attracting bees again. No matter what kind of bee, it is recommended to go down the mountain as soon as possible, because everyone has different physical symptoms, from mild local redness to systemic shock, and allergic reactions should not be taken lightly.

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