These 4 things are best not to do when flying! 

She revealed a secret about the aviation industry: flight attendants do not eat their own plane meal

A New York flight attendant shared many unknown “secret flying”.

flying secrets

Every winter and summer vacation is the peak season in the air travel industry. In this regard, Leysha Perez, a New York flight attendant, often shares many of the unknown “flight secrets” on TikTok,.

It is recommended to carry pillows and blankets with you when taking long-distance flights, and when taking a flight. The precautions to avoid scuba diving and other matters in the first 48 hours of flying attracted many netizens to watch.

Perez hygienically recommends that passengers on long-haul international flights, such as carry pillows and blankets, avoid using the back of a chair bag, touching anything in the cabin toilet with their hands, and walk barefoot in the cabin.

According to the New York Post, Perez refers to In fact, in-flight meals contain a lot of food additives, resulting in high sodium content, so it is not advisable to consume too much, but also mention that they never chew ice in the machine beverages.

Perez also added, that in the United States, if you want to sit next to the family, it is recommended not to book tickets through third-party websites, because they usually take random seating, so it is best to travel directly to the airline website booking, you can avoid similar situations repeatedly.

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