Do you need to give up starch for weight loss?

A nutritionist teaches a “food preservation method”. If you do it right, you can lose weight even if you eat white rice.

Eating more fruits and vegetables, taking in resistant starch is also very helpful when losing weight.

People tend to eat a lot of vegetables to lose weight and control their blood sugar, but resistant starch is also very helpful.

Resistant starch foods can be divided into 4 types, green banana and sushi are one!

Nutritionist says that resistant starch helps to lose weight and control blood sugar. The main reason is that it is more difficult to digest in the small intestine, similar to dietary fiber, and more passes directly through the small intestine to the large intestine.
Resistant starches are currently mainly divided into four broad categories, including slow-digesting resistant starches that were previously difficult to digest by the small intestine and unprocessed cereals, bean pods, seeds, etc. And resistant starches that do not need to be cooked raw, such as green-skinned bananas. There are also cool-resistant starches, such as sushi, which are cooled after cooking to make the starch aging. There are also modifying-resistant starches made or modified chemically and artificially.

Cooling resistant starch helps with weight loss and sugar control! The key to refrigeration is to turn starch into resistant starch.

Cooling resistant starch: aging starch

Nutritionist further explained that cooling resistant starch will cause the original starch to age after being cooked and refrigerated, making it difficult to absorb in the small intestine. About 10% of the starch can be converted into resistant starch, which is reduced by about 5 -About 10% of calories, this is also the more well-known resistant starch.

Various cooling resistant starches:  

In addition to the aforementioned sushi, others include refined starches such as rice, noodles, and rare rice, as well as whole grain cereals such as brown rice, potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, etc., which are good choices. While whole grain cereals have nutrients such as dietary fiber, plant chemicals, and so on, they are more recommended, especially dietary fiber is also a nutrient that helps to lose weight and control blood sugar.

Refrigeration key:

Refrigeration is usually recommended at 10˚C and frozen for more than 12 hours. Starch aging will be better. Household refrigerators are usually 7˚C. So no problem. Keep in mind that convenience store refrigeration is usually around 18˚C, sushi or rice balls may not work well, but you can also buy it back home refrigerated. Like “Bamboo Sour Rice”, which is often eaten cold or even frozen, in addition to the resistant starch of rare rice, bamboo shoots are also quite rich in dietary fiber, both of which help to lose weight, control sugar, and are also a good choice

Eating resistant starch also requires balanced nutrition. Some ethnic groups have a greater burden, so be careful

Nutritionists said that after all, resistant starch is still starch, and only a part of it is converted into resistant starch. Eating too much will make you fat and affect blood sugar, so you still have to be careful when eating, and don’t think it’s resistant to starch. Just eat without restraint. If people want to eat resistant starch to lose weight and control blood sugar, in addition to careful consideration, they should also pay attention to nutritional balance.

It is recommended that the general public eat a bowl of resistant starch, and whole grain cereals such as brown rice, potatoes, pumpkins, potatoes, etc. Vegetables It is recommended to serve a bowl after cooking, seasonal vegetables are better. The size of the bean and egg meat does not include the palm of one finger and the thickness of the second finger.

It should also be noted that resistant starch is difficult to absorb in the small intestine, which means that some families have a greater burden on the intestines, such as people with poor gastrointestinal function, who have just had gastrointestinal surgery, to avoid indigestion, stomach pain, etc. For general people to eat, we recommend a meal.

Learn about the properties and benefits of resistant starch, pay attention to portions, and maintain a balanced nutrition while eating, which is more helpful for weight loss, sugar control, and even overall body health.

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