Mozi Technology” Internet Celebrity Recommended Power Bank” Shocking Rumor Explodes! 

She suffered multiple burns and scalds and was in danger of death. The business owner respondedMozi Technology

The “Universal Charge Pro Multi-Function Power Bank” recommended by many domestic Internet celebrities has explode

The “Universal Charger Pro Multifunction Mobile Power” recommended by many in the country has exploded. People say that a sudden explosion occurred while charging the mobile power supply, causing burns to many places on his body.

He was afraid that he would have died if his boyfriend’s family immediately extinguished the fire. For this reason, the operator said that it has contacted users and arranged flights abroad to understand that “at this stage it is not possible to give an answer at the first time, and we hope everyone understands.” It is reported that the mobile power supply has been sold so far, only when the explosion occurred.

Recently, a user shared on Instagram for a limited time that he bought the Universal Charging Pro Multifunction Mobile Power on December 14, 2022, without any problems with normal use, so many friends recommended it. However, when you plug the mobile power into the outlet to charge it, the mobile power suddenly explodes, resulting in multiple burns on itself. It’s okay that people are safe now, “If it wasn’t for my boyfriend and boyfriend’s dad rushing into the room to put out the fire in real time, I really wouldn’t have (died).”

Power bank explodes (power bank 20000mah)

This limited-time update was later forwarded to the anonymous forum causing heated discussions. 

A user left a message below saying that he was the brand founder of MOZTECH (Mozi Technology, the charging company in this case), and pointed out that he had contacted the user earlier, “Because the user is currently overseas, we have arranged flight, we will go to understand the situation on Wednesday. Only after obtaining the problem dealer and conducting an accident analysis report can we clarify the real cause of the accident. As of now, this case is an individual case and a third party will be required to conduct analysis and we will notify you later . We take this case very seriously, and we are particularly responsible for personal safety and product quality. However, we are not able to respond immediately at this stage, and we hope for your understanding. ”

At the same time, one deduces from the above self-professed comments that if people are abroad, it is possible that they have been charged because they have been using a high-voltage outlet and then charging for too long to cause an explosion. “Many people burn mobile power in foreign countries because they are plugged into a 220V outlet.” In addition, it is possible to charge too long. “I saw a friend charge a mobile power supply and forget about it for three days the next day, and returned to the country directly to the mobile power, I can only say that he is lucky not to have a fire.”

However, there are also doubts that the plug in different sockets will also explode is a problem with the transformer.

Today, basically all electronic products can eat 100 to 240V, which is also advertised as the product (Universal Charging Pro Multifunction Mobile Power Supply), and it breaks down too long and there is a problem with the product design. “Now you plug in a regular product The electricity won’t work either.

Your friend bought junk; you said your friend took a 220V charging phone to fake, so I would like to ask if mobile phones with only 220V in foreign countries will also have versions with different voltages?”
In addition, a user who specialized in Ink Technology Power asked about the explosion. For this reason, Ink Tech said, “We really need to know the specific reason after we receive the product, because it is not a batch problem at the moment and there is a large number of products. We have eliminated defects in design and structure, for the time being Case Study”.

Taipower Precautions when using mobile power supplies

1. The device must be safe

  • It is best to use the original charging cable, which has better charging efficiency and is safer.
  • Remember to replace the charger if it is old or damaged.
  • It is recommended not to use the power bank if it has been dropped or cracked.

2. Time is important

  • Avoid charging when left unattended or sleeping at night.
  • Most mobile power supplies use lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) or lithium-polymer batteries (Li-Polymer) battery cores. They have no memory effect and can be charged at any time. They do not need to be fully charged every time .
  • Unplug the power source when fully charged to avoid overcharging.

3. Pay attention to the environment

  • When charging, do not have flammable objects around.
  • Do not charge in a place that is too humid to avoid affecting the circuit board.

4. Make your purchase based on evidence

  • Pay attention to the label when purchasing a mobile power supply and select the BSMI certified qualified product from the Ministry of Economy Standards Inspection Bureau.
  • The “rated capacity” indicated on the back of the battery is the actual output, which is far more important than the battery capacity claimed by the manufacturer.
  • Products with a small volume and low price, but the manufacturer’s labeling capacity may be inaccurate. We recommend avoiding the purchase.

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