Don’t just add water and olive oil when cooking rice! 

According to the actual test of experts, adding one more cheap and good product has a distinct texture and is not soggy.

How to cook white rice to make it delicious?

Does cooking plus one item immediately double its deliciousness? The other day, a netizen posted on the Facebook group “I Love All United – The Truth About Good Things” that I have never forgotten since eating Japanese rice, so I searched the Internet for ways to cook authentic Japanese rice. After trying it, I found that the cooked rice is not only shiny, but also very sweet and chewy. Friends have always said they would like to try it.

The Japanese flavor of white rice depends on sparkling water. FB users will definitely try it and praise it for its delicious taste!

One user said that if you want to cook authentic Japanese rice, you can add clear american sparkling water before cooking, after crawling on the Internet. The ratio of rice and sparkling water is 1:1.2 (m: bubble water). You can wash the rice with ordinary water, pour the washed rice water and add it directly to the boiling water.

Because the users use Nagahama kimono instead of Japanese rice, for a more Japanese flavor, she chose sparkling water clear american sparkling water to cook her cooking. In her article, she praised “White rice with Q on a beef tenderloin roll, really delicious”. Many users immediately went to the supermarket to scan it, and some users tried the French brand bubble kettle rice, and also got great praise!

Sparkling water allows the rice grains to be heated evenly. There are 1 things to pay attention to when choosing sparkling water.

To cook delicious glutinous rice, there are tricks in addition to using bubble kettle rice, there are also tips for soaking rice. The Committee stated that before officially cooking rice, you can soak the rice in warm water for 30 minutes or soak it in cold water for about 2 hours so that the rice grains are fully absorbed, so that the starch enzymes in the rice make it easier to convert starch into sugar, increase the sweetness of the rice grains and improve the taste. The Committee on Consumption also reminds us not to wash the rice again and again to avoid nutrient loss.

Sparkling water has many benefits and is better than ordinary water for washing vegetables and fruits.

In addition to cooking the rice with bubbles, according to the US media Epicurious, John Koutsouris, the chef of The Greeks restaurant in New Jersey, said that seven years ago he accidentally tried to add sparkling water to the batter when the batter was heated. The resulting waffles are more airy and fluffy, and become the most crucial element of a delicious pancake.
In addition to cooking, experts published a 2017 study report on bubble water, pointing out that washing fruits and vegetables with bubble water is one of the most effective ways to remove pesticides. Research reports indicate that washing apples with bubble water for 12-15 minutes does not leave any pesticide residue on the surface and under the skin of the apples, which is better than washing with vinegar, salt solution and white boiling water.

Why is cooking with a bubble kettle more delicious?

Since the main component of bubble water is “carbon dioxide”, the bubbles produced by the bubbling water swell when heated, while causing the rice grains to stand during cooking, so that each rice can be heated evenly and naturally more elastic.

Besides drinking, what other uses does sparkling water have?

It can be used to wash vegetables, fruits, make waffles, cook rice, etc.

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