Marina Aquatours: Explore the Wonders of the Underwater World

Marina Aquatours is a main issuer of scuba diving and snorkeling excursions within the Maldives. With over 10 years of enjoyment, Marina Aquatours is devoted to presenting its clients with nice viable revel, at the same time also ensuring the protection and conservation of the marine surroundings.

Why Choose Marina Aquatours?

There are many reasons to pick out La Marina Aquatours for your next scuba diving or snorkeling adventure in the Maldives.

Here are only a few:

Small group sizes: Marina Aquatours keeps its group sizes small so that each consumer can receive the personalized interest they deserve. This also ensures that the institution has a minimum effect on the marine environment.

Comprehensive protection briefings: Marina Aquatours takes protection very critically. All customers get hold of a comprehensive safety briefing earlier than every excursion, and they’re carefully supervised with the aid of the dive teachers and snorkel courses.

State-of-the-art gadget: Marin Aquatours makes use of handiest the very best satisfactory scuba diving and snorkeling equipment. This ensures that clients have a cushy and exciting enjoy.

Commitment to conservation: Marina Aqutours is dedicated to the conservation of the marine surroundings. The company follows all neighborhood and global conservation recommendations, and it actively educates its customers approximately the significance of protecting the underwater globally.

Popular Tours

Marina Aquatours offers quite a few scuba diving and snorkeling excursions to healthy all revel in ranges and hobbies.

Here are many of the maximum popular excursions:

Manta Ray Snorkeling Tour: This excursion is a need to do for any nature lover. Snorkelers will have the threat to swim with majestic manta rays in their herbal habitat.

Whale Shark Snorkeling Tour: Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the global, and they are truly an outstanding sight to behold. Snorkelers may have the threat to swim with these mild giants on this tour.
Shipwreck Dive: This dive takes divers to the stays of a sunken cargo ship. The shipwreck is home to a whole lot of marine life, inclusive of colorful fish, coral reefs, and sea turtles.

Reef Dive: This dive takes divers to some of the most lovely reefs inside the Maldives. Divers may have the danger of looking at a number of coral formations and marine lifestyles, including fish, sharks, and turtles.

Night Dive: This dive is an outstanding opportunity to look at the marine existence that comes out at night. Divers will see plenty of nocturnal creatures, including squid, octopuses, and reef sharks.
Booking Your Tour

Booking your tour with Marina Aquatours is straightforward and handy. You can book your tour online or through telephone. Marina Auatours provides a lot of payment alternatives, inclusive of credit playing cards, PayPal, and financial institution transfers.

What to Expect

On the day of your tour, you will meet your dive trainer or snorkel guide at the Marina Aquatours office. You could be outfitted together with your equipment and given a protection briefing. Once you’re ready, you may be taken to the dive or snorkel website online by using the boat.

At the dive or snorkel website, you will be given additional instructions via your dive instructor or snorkel guide. You will then be unfastened to discover the underwater world at your very own pace. Your dive trainer or snorkel guide may be close by to provide assistance if you wish.

After your dive or snorkel, you’ll be taken back to the Marina Aquatours office. You can then trade clothes and shower. Marina Aquatours also offers a number of refreshments and snacks after your excursion.

Tips for Your Tour

Here are some recommendations for your scuba diving or snorkeling excursion with Marina Aquatours:

  • Be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat to shield yourself from the sun.
  • Bring a towel and an alternate of garments.
  • Drink masses of water earlier than and after your excursion.
  • Listen carefully to your dive instructor or snorkel guide’s commands.
  • Be respectful of the marine lifestyles and environment.


If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable scuba diving or snorkeling experience, Marina Aquatours is the correct desire for you. With its skilled workforce, modern equipment, and commitment to conservation, Marina Aquatours is positive to offer you an unforgettable enjoy.

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