Life without electricity in the old days. What did people do after dark?

These 4 things ancient people used to do to spend time

life without electricity compared to modern times, much of the ancient nightlife was influenced by curfew policies, in addition to fewer entertainment venues. In the old Dynasties, the government divided the city into many “halls”. life without electricity. At the beginning of the curfew, the gates would be closed between the squares, until the curfew ended, before opening again. In times of unstable security, the curfew policy was able to prevent the crime of bandits. However, in ancient times the curfew was lifted during the Lunar New Year festival so that men and women could go on dates during this time, otherwise it would be difficult to meet at night on other days. So in ancient times without electricity, what did people do at night? In fact, people from different backgrounds and occupations have different nightlife.

According to a report, in the era of hedging society and the smallholder economy, most people lived a peasant life “by sunrise and sunset”. At peak times, men would return home after a day’s work, mending farm implements in the faint light of an oil lamp, while women would do weaving and needling. After the agricultural season ends, some people make friends and have small gatherings when they are empty, but only families with wealthier families hold gatherings, so this rarely happens in the homes of ordinary people.

Life After Dark of the Book Reader

In the era of the hedonic society, if the children of cold doors wanted to turn around, they could only change the door through reading. Therefore, many students would study hard throughout the day and night. Many expressions such as “chisel peep light”, “suspension spike”, and “bag of snow” describe the state of reading at night for cold mechanics. Although there were no electric lamps in ancient times, students still learned from the light of oil lamps, while other leisurely and elegant people liked to create under the moon, while admiring the moon, and writing poetry. Many poems of poets were written at night.

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Life after dark for rich people

Since rich people have a rich life and do not have to run for a living, wealthy people with wealth freedom often do leisure activities at night. Usually, the Ooto family is a large family, so they chat, read a book or go to bed with each other after meals. If they happen to have a festival, they invite artists to their home to perform plays or dance performances for help. And after the curfew was lifted, some wealthy people often went out to popular entertainment venues of the time, such as youth houses or taverns.

Businessman’s Life After Dark

A “night market” began in the Song Dynasty, so the life of the merchants of that time was the same as that of modern merchants, they were open at night and decided on their own closing time. However, in the pre-Song era, the government implemented a curfew in order to maintain social order, so people could not go out at night, but could only stay at home. Under the curfew policy, shopkeepers are forced to shut down before dark, even in a youth building, and it is stipulated that they can only stay at night and cannot enter at random. Retained traders use the evening hours to calculate the day’s profitability and statistics, and prepare the next day’s operations.

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