How to quickly get rid of bruises? Doctors prescribe the correct handling steps

1 Common actions threaten to aggravate bleeding, and many do it wrong

im worried about my classmate thats covered in bruises

What should I do if I fall into a bruise? Want to quickly get rid of bruises and ice cream?

Many people go to the pharmacy to buy ointment for bruises, but do you know how to apply it correctly? For this purpose, Benefit Health Net has organized an article entitled “Small Knowledge of Bruising”, which provides a quick way to eliminate bruising, as well as revealing the main ingredients of the ointment, making it easier for the public to understand how to treat bruising after a collision is most effective.

Why does it turn blue?

Bruising is a change in color due to a rupture of a micro blood vessel in the skin or a subcutaneous hemorrhage that forms blood clots under the skin and the blood clot oxidizes. There are many causes of bruising, the most common being due to external force collisions, but it can also be a disease of the peripheral tissues of the blood vessels or associated with poor blood clotting function.

How long will the bruise be good?

Bruising is a very common symptom, especially for sports injuries, such as blunt injuries, collisions, muscle sprains and joint sprains, which are prone to bruising and swelling, especially in the knees and hands. Usually, after a period of time, the bruise will subside naturally. In general, after about 1 week, the bruise will begin to subside.

But if it is a frequent bruise and does not recede for a long time, it is important to suspect whether there may be other blood diseases, such as hemophilia with congenital hereditary deficiency of the clotting factor, or leukemia that often accompanies fever.

Do bruises need to be rubbed away?

Do not rub the bruise. If there is a “black” appearance of bruising on the skin, it is recommended to apply ice to help the tissue shrink and relieve swelling. After the symptoms of redness and heat in the affected area subside, then start applying heat to help the bruise disperse. But after a while, the symptoms still do not improve, so hurry to the hospital to be checked by a doctor.

What is the composition of bruise ointment?

After experiencing bruises, many people choose to go to pharmacies to buy an anti-inflammatory ointment and apply it on the affected area, which can relieve bruises and relieve pain. The main functions of bruise ointment are to improve blood circulation, promote coagulation function and fight inflammation.

The main ingredients in the ointment include viscose sulfonic acid (MPS) and leucine (Aescin)

Sulfonate mucopolysaccharide: 

It is a drug that acts similarly to heparin (anticoagulant), but its skin penetration is 50 times that of heparin. This ingredient is mainly used to treat post-blunt trauma hematoma and superficial phlebitis, and can help fight inflammation and anticoagulation.


It is a component extracted from the seeds of the horse chestnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum). It is a drug from traditional European herbal medicine. This ingredient has been studied and confirmed to have pharmacological effects, including anti-coagulation, anti-edema, anti-inflammation, and the ability to strengthen blood vessel tone, and can restore the permeability of the capillary membrane of blood vessels. Therefore, it is widely used in traditional medicine to treat leg ulcers, bruises, arthritis, phlebitis, etc. In Taiwan, it is commonly used as an auxiliary therapy to improve local swelling caused by chronic venous insufficiency.


Q. im worried about my classmate thats covered in bruises

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