How to use fixed air conditioning to save energy? money saver 

An insider revealed a trick to “keep cool and save money”

How to use fixed-frequency air conditioning to save money? money saver 

USA summer is often characterized by continuous high temperatures. Many people stay at home to cool off the heat. Recently, Dcard asked a social media user, how can the air conditioner be blown more efficiently? After the post was exposed, an insider commented that the key to the frequency air blowing method is “short in time”. Since the frequency air conditioner is not suitable for blowing for long periods of time, it can be turned on for about 3 hours at the highest temperature and then circulate with the help of an electric fan to achieve a cooling effect and control electricity bills without breaking the bar.

Recently, a user posted saying that the rental house is frequency-air conditioned, but he did not know how to calculate the electricity bill normally, so he wondered “How much do you pay for electricity bills in a month” and “How does frequency-frequency air conditioning save money?

In one of the articles that caused controversy, one insider pointed out that the short duration of the air conditioning turned on is the key to saving electricity. Therefore, blow for about 1 to 3 hours when the temperature is hot. “The temperature is 26-27, sometimes it’s too hot to go home by 25 degrees, blow back for 1-3 hours”, “I’m a fixed-frequency summer, It’s only 6.5 hours a day to cry. The key is not to turn it on all the time, it can be on for 2-3 hours when it’s hot, wait until the indoor temperature drops, and then blow the fan a lot, so I blow about 700 to 800 pieces in a month.”

However, some users still think that frequency air conditioning cannot save electricity, “Frequency control is more expensive, no way unless it is turned on”, “I don’t understand, fixed frequency electricity charges are expensive”, “How to save money if you ask about frequency? It must be best not to turn on”, “Do not blow, change the air conditioner”, “Frequency air conditioning really does not blow for a long time and save money, remember to turn it off when it is cold”.

In the past, TVN has shared on its Facebook page that the operation of AC is that when the room temperature drops to the set temperature, the compression stops and works again when the indoor temperature rises; and the inverter air conditioner is switched to a lower frequency when the temperature is reached, reducing the number of switching on and off the compressor to save power. Therefore, AC is suitable for people with low air conditioning needs and short hours of operation. It can be turned on before going to bed to keep the indoor temperature off, but if you need to blow the air conditioner for a long time, inverter air conditioning is a better option.

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