Stop slapping watermelons with your hands when buying them! 

Experts reveal 3 tips for choosing fruits that are sweet, juicy, and plump

How to choose watermelons that are sweet and juicy? how to pick a watermelon

Summer heat is best for eating watermelons. From kids to grandmothers, they teach them how to beat watermelons. Listen to the sound to tell the good and bad of watermelons, but sometimes the sounds are quite similar. How to choose this time? experts have taught everyone a few tricks so that you can easily choose a sweet and juicy watermelon and see how to pick it together!

Experts revealed 3 tips for choosing watermelons publicly in a variety show. They pointed out that when choosing watermelons, the main thing is to look at the quality of the watermelons. You can tell the sweetness of watermelon by its texture, so you can know the method better next time you buy watermelon!

Tip 1 for choosing watermelon: Watermelon texture is dark and thick

how to pick a watermelon

The texture is thicker and the black part is particularly clear. The darker the texture, the more chlorophyll the watermelon has absorbed due to photosynthesis, so the sweetness is higher.

Tip 2 for picking watermelons: Watermelon texture extends horizontally

how to pick a watermelon

The texture of the watermelon expands laterally, like lightning , which indicates the sweetness of the watermelon.

Tip 3 for choosing watermelon: Watermelon texture has uneven surface

how to pick a watermelon

Because the tissue under the watermelon texture is responsible for transporting moisture and nutrients, the watermelon will bulge unevenly if it is full of nutrients.

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