Stop just soaking in cold water! How to cook hard-boiled eggs so that they are not difficult to peel? 

Insider Exposes 3-Step Exposure to Glow and Beautiful (easy peel hard boiled eggs)

It is very difficult for many people to completely peel hard-boiled eggs. how easy peel hard boiled eggs

Boiled eggs have been a great fat loss companion for many fitness and slimming friends, while the rich and balanced nutrients in eggs are one of the must-have foods for many in life. However, it is very difficult for many people to figure out how to completely peel boiled eggs. Recently, a friend posted a question asking me that she had boiled boiled eggs in cold water. After peeling the eggshell, the boiled eggs were still broken and asked where the problem was. And the post also attracted a lot of users to talk about it.

Recently, a FB user posted a photo of himself boiling eggs asking if he had boiled the eggs thoroughly and boiled them in cold water and still could not completely peel the eggshells. He asked if it was because the cold water was boiling for not long enough.

For this reason, many users have come to share their experiences, “Before cooking, boil a small hole in the egg shell, boil it well and boil it with ice water, after boiling, tap the surface of the egg shell with a spoon, knock out the full cracks, and then start from the head that is more round. The emphasis is on the eggshell and the egg. First, tear off a crack in the middle of the film, and then open the film to make it beautiful”, “Buy the eggs back, put them at normal temperature for 3 to 5 days, especially small eggs, the shell is thicker, put it in the refrigerator for at least 5 more days. Boil the eggs in boiling water so that they do not stick”, “Buy eggs and put them for 2 days and cook them for 2 days. No, I was taught by selling eggs”, “Wrap it up with a cupboard towel and cook it in an electric pot, and every one comes out beautiful.”

Some users shared the three keys to completely peeling off the shells of hard-boiled eggs. “It can happen if the eggs are too fresh, not cooked enough, or not cooled enough.” To this, some users enthusiastically added, “It can also happen if the eggs are not fresh enough. ”, “Eggs are so fresh! To cook ‘boiled eggs’, the eggs need to be left for a few more days before they can be cooked!

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