Don’t steam sweet potatoes directly in the electric pot! 

A cooking expert teaches you a trick to make the skin not soggy, sweet and dense, and tastes better than grilled ones

air fryer sweet potatoes

A FB user revealed the secret of how to get the texture of roasted sweet potatoes without an air fryer sweet potatoes or air fryer oven. 

Can steamed potatoes still do that? Recently, a friend shared that since buying a gas fryer, you no longer need to buy a baked potato outside, and revealed how to make a roasted potato taste without a fryer or an air fryer(air fryer sweet potatoes). After the post was exposed, it provoked a strong response from many users.

One FB user shared in a post on the Facebook community “Cookery Society” that since buying a gas fryer, you never have to buy baked potatoes outside and revealed the secret to how baked potatoes taste even without a gas oven. She says that when using a pot to steam the potatoes, she finds that the surface of the potatoes is more moist and does not have the dry taste of roasted potatoes, so her practice is to steam the rack at the bottom of the pot, then place a large plate and a small porcelain bowl on the steamer, along with 5-6 pieces of potatoes. Then lower the small bowl into the middle of the tray, place the potatoes around the large plate, add 2 cups of water to the outer pot, and let the potatoes boil once.

He also said that when the switch was flicked, he would let the potatoes simmer for 5 minutes and then open the lid and use a bamboo stick to prick the thicker part of the potato to confirm that the center point is ripe. If it still feels a little hard, pour a glass of water into the pan and steam it again. While the potatoes are cooked, they can be removed from the pot. “At this stage, the potatoes can be eaten and the skin will not get wet.”

Also recommends that if you want to bake a better taste, or even bake sweet potatoes, you can use a baking sheet on the bottom of the pot and place the freshly steamed potatoes on the baking paper. Cover the pan without adding water. Do not allow moisture to remain inside the pan. Then press the switch for another 5 minutes when the switch jumps and repeat it 3 to 4 times, while the boiler has cooled down until the pressure switch is pressed again.

How to choose sweet potatoes?

After the post was exposed, many users responded warmly, thanking the original user for sharing.

Some people said that they used their usual electric pot to steam the potatoes and put them in the freezer until they wanted to eat them so that they would have a soft sticky and sticky feeling.

Thank you for sharing the trick” “Amazing!”, Thanks for sharing!” “I’ve been steaming and freezing it in the oven when I want to eat it. When I want to eat it, I’ll eat it with the whole family and I’ll bake it almost frozen, and I’ll have a soft sticky feeling.” In addition, some users asked the original user how to choose delicious sweet potatoes. The original user revealed that he always buys No. 57 sweet potatoes because the sweet potatoes with beards are too old and taste less delicious.

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