Mental Health in Education: Supporting Students for a Brighter Future

Mental Health

As we stand on the threshold of the future, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the overall well-being of our students plays an instrumental role in shaping the society of tomorrow. In this era of rapid change and unprecedented challenges, addressing mental health in education is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. This blog … Read more

The pain is life-threatening. What would happen if there was no appendix?


Experts reveal the “body secret”: Stop saying it is useless! What would happen without an appendixes ? Experts give answers.  Holiday returned home from the Wilderness Preservation Association Volunteer Task Force, and met her daughter at the front door to send her friends home, and they invited their college-age friends to the community to watch the … Read more

Why do I “see you tomorrow” after eating enoki mushrooms?

Enoki mushroom

Does having difficulty digesting food equate to eating white? Nutritionists reveal the truth Golden needle mushrooms (enoki mushrooms) are rich in nutrients and have many benefits for the body, but because you can often see them the next day after eating them, they are called “See You Tomorrow” and “See You Tomorrow” in English. This … Read more

Lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and help fight cancer healthy fruit snacks

healthy fruit snacks

A beauty nutritionist reveals 8 super fruits, healthy fruit snacks that have been the champion for 10 consecutive years, are low in calories and nutritious Fruits are a source of many vitamins and minerals are high in fiber and provide a variety of health-promoting antioxidants that promote health and reduce the risk of disease. A … Read more

What should I do if my hair is getting less and less? How much hair loss is normal?

does testosterone cause hair loss

Chinese medicine practitioner reveals the key reason for hair loss: If you lose more than “this amount” every day, seek medical attention immediately What’s the problem with frequent hair loss? Chinese medicine practitioner Lu Bingxun explains the reasons for hair loss and prevents the hairline from continuing to recede.  Ms. Chen, 60, is the head of … Read more